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Nov 28, 2012 11:00pm PST
terrorist attack, that they had arrested 50 people and that there had been al qaeda influence to individuals from other countries that had come in. and that it was premeditated and planned. and i just don't understand why the administration would have susan rice go on television and say that the views essentially of the president of libya just didn't matter. she completely discounted them. that doesn't make sense to me. >> you suggested she was behaving politically. fair enough, if that's the case. what would be the political purpose in denying the role of terrorism in this act, the central role of terrorism, organized terrorism, in the death of ambassador stevens? what would be her purpose politically in that? >> i believe that the administration wanted to portray libya as an unqualified success story. and ambassador rice was one of the chief advocates of our involvement in libya, so arguably had a personal stake in that as well. i think it was contrary of the administration to say libya was awash with weapons, that there was a growing al qaeda presence, that there were training
Nov 28, 2012 4:00pm PST
no complication of an emerging al qaeda-related organization there. >> well, i'll -- >> is that straight? make sense to you? >> i think you sum it up right. i will give her credit for admitting what a lot of people on the right haven't, that it was a confusing situation. "the new york times," ap have reported from the ground that while the people who launched the attack seemed to come in not as a protest but as they came in, they rounded up people and they told people, while they were mounting the attack they were mad about the film. it might have been premeditated. they were using the film, which was in the news -- >> you're great at this but let's get to the heart of the argument. what they don't like on the republican side any suggestion to put -- let's put al qaeda to death, period. they think that's a pr statement -- >> let's -- >> no, let's stick to that. they're angry because they think it's presidential politics. not truth-telling. >> they're attributing more al qaedaness to this attack and this group. this was a militia well established in benghazi. they had been workin
Nov 27, 2012 2:00pm PST
accusing susan rice of covering up a national security breach. he says rice denied al qaeda's lead role in the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that cost the lives of the ambassador and three others and she did so knowing it was true. well, the man who defeated mccain in the 2008 presidential campaign takes this as a personal shot at him. how will he respond? will he name ambassador rice his new secretary of state to replace hillary clinton? will he meet mccain's challenge head on and send rice up to the capitol to go face-to-face with the enly? tonight we study the battlefield and the fire power. mccain sure wants this fight, but do his fellow republicans? do they want an older white guy taking on the xre tense of a young woman of color, a rhodes scholar of solid reputation? most important what end does the president want for this match of fact and wits? i'm joined by michael o'hanlon of the brookings institution and jonathan lindie. michael, thank you for this. i want to get to the facts. am i right, is the main charge here coming from mccain and the others that ambassador ric
Nov 29, 2012 2:00pm PST
things that she knows she shouldn't have said was that we have decimated al qaeda, and i know that you know this because you're a student of what's happening in the world, but certainly nothing can be further from the truth. so i do think there have been some fairly legitimate concerns that this was all in the height of a political campaign, and it really did appear that she was very anxious to make it appear that things were a little different in the middle east than they are. look, we can all get caught up in that and certainly we had a conversation to that effect yesterday, but i will tell you as a person, i think you asked me to come on because i hope you think i'm fairly level-headed. i'm really disgusted with everything from the intelligence to the security to, you know, the fbi -- i mean, this whole thing really should not be where it is today, and i do think that part of it is she's gotten caught up in some of the other things that -- although i have concerns and you have heard my concerns. i do feel like -- >> let's narrow them down, senator. you're concerned she said it w
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)